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Journey to Fitness

Chronicles of a New Triathlete

by Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear

“I can't swim. I don't own a bike and I hate to run!” Jackie, a working mother with two children, provided this response to personal trainer Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear. Yet, something inside Jackie made her agree to commit to train for a triathlon, which includes all three of these events. Jackie's story shows how setting goals, overcoming obstacles and conquering fears can make even your wildest dreams become reality!

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“Linda’s dedication to her clients is remarkable! She pushes, educates, and lifts them up no matter what they try. I applaud Jackie’s willingness to start something so big and stick with it despite her many fears and challenges. Her journey is inspirational!”

Stacey Close, Group Fitness Coordinator
Jennersville YMCA

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What do readers have to say?

Journey to Fitness was a wealth of information and truly inspirational. It was exciting to read and full of information that is so useful. It helped me to see that I am on the correct path and I am doing the right things. Just need to keep on going!! Thanks for all your positive hints and positive energy!!! A true treasure and keeper of a book. Passing it on to my daughter!

Deborah Genevich
Jennersville YMCA
Active Older Adults Activities, Land & Water Fitness


I read the book in a day and a half. It was so real and inspiring. I feel like I have known Jackie all my life!! I don't think I will attempt a triathlon at 49 but it really showed me how determination can overcome so much. Thanks from another busy working mom!! Jackie, you are quite a gal.

Sue Parker
Re/Max at Jennersville


If you’re considering a triathlon but don’t think you have what it takes, this book is for you! Jackie’s story offers insight into the physical as well as the emotional elements that make triathlon training uniquely challenging. Jackie’s motivational journey really resonated with me!

Suzanne Jackson, Fitness Client
Subject of Journey to Fitness – Chronicles of a Working Woman


Afternoon has become night — I couldn’t put this book down. After reading the book about Jackie I was blown away. It really inspired me and uplifted my spirits. I could relate to Jackie, especially in the early stages — I also hate to run, riding a bike makes me numb, and I haven’t swam in years!

I have to say I shed a few tears through the book. Although I have had a lot of self-doubt holding me back in my life, I now feel that I can change, in fact I've already started an exercise program. I look forward to sharing this inspiring book with others.

Steve L.


This is the second book I worked on with Linda, but the first where I had the opportunity to get to know the subject of the book long before the book was completed. I was so impressed and inspired by Jackie and am grateful to have had the opportunity to follow her on her journey each step of the way! Both she and Linda are truly motivationally empowering women!

Cheryl Wilder Krass
Owner, Alexemi Publishing



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