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Journey to Fitness

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Transformed Kid

Journey to Fitness

Chronicles of a Transformed Kid

by Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear

After reading about Wills and his dog Osa you will know how to help build your child's self-confidence. This book invites you to help your child learn to play many different sports, but is not about excelling at each sport. This is about having the confidence to want to play and join in while having fun in the process.

"This is a great book for young children of all ages. Follow Wills and his dog Osa as they play many different sports with the help of Wills' trainer, Linda. Children of all athletic abilities will learn ways to use their favorite activity to help strengthen their muscles, heart, and hand-eye coordination. Children learn that with a little help and practice, they can gain the self-confidence needed to play sports with their peers. This is a must-have book for every parent, teacher, and young sports enthusiast!" 

Amy L. D'Antonio
Elementary and Special Education Teacher



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What do readers have to say?

"I love the concept for this book. We put so much emphasis on kids who play sports that we forget that a lot of kids do not excel at sports naturally. But, with help, they can build their confidence and their skills. Linda is great with both adults and kids!"

Stacey Close
Group Fitness Coordinator, Jennersville YMCA


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