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Journey to Fitness
Chronicles of a Working Woman

by Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear

Follow Suzanne's journey to fitness as she spends six months with personal trainer, Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear. Linda helps Suzanne, the busy working mother, develop strategies to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into her day. This motivational fitness book is neither a diet plan nor a workout program but the results are life-changing!

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Suzanne’s story is incredibly motivating, and the way it’s told makes it relevant to so many people. I was very moved by Suzanne’s personal victory when she exceeded her expectations. I get “goose bumps” just thinking about it! (Read the book to find out.) Suzanne’s story shows us all the wonderful possibilities, and how a personal journey to fitness can bring the whole family together.

Nina Malone
Women's Referral Network of Chester County
Executive Director

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What do readers have to say?

Your book emphasized the several aspects of living a healthy life style. You talked about problems and solutions in a new way, your encouragement was really helpful — I felt like I had my own coach and I feel I'm now able to concentrate on wellness from an entirely new perspective.

I also liked the intention and pace of the program, there was a lot less pressure. When I finished the book I had a new way of looking at things and felt empowered, not fearful I would fail (again).

Nancy G.
Horsefeathers Animal Care Company


I have read Linda Lanfear’s book Journey to Fitness twice . . . I wanted to read it the first time, and I felt so good about what I had read that I wanted to read it again. Why was it worth reading more than once? It was deceptively simple, brief, and straightforward, while at the same time it addressed very common and sometimes very complicated issues that visit most all of us on such a fitness journey. I could relate and so will you. Click here to read the whole testimonial

Al Rumaks
ACSM Certified Fitness Director and Health/Fitness Instructor
Assistant Manager at Kirkwood Fitness and Racquetball Club


This book is not only filled with confidence-building weight loss and fitness tips, but with honest and down-to-earth daily action plans to get there! It's a "real-people-can-actually-do-this" motivator! You'll find yourself sharing lots of true "aha!" moments with Linda and Suzanne — just the kind to make you finally say yes to starting your own personal journey!

Valerie G. Clemens
Valerie's Dance Studio


Journey to Fitness — Chronicles of a Working Woman is a must read for anyone who is trying to get in shape! The title is perfect, because it is a journey, not a quick fix. Anyone can go on a diet, but it takes determination to change your lifestyle. That's exactly what Suzanne does in Linda's book. There are so many TV shows, diets and books out there that make it look easy. When you try it at home though, most times you fail.

To read Suzanne's daily struggles and successes along with Linda's comments, I feel like I'm not alone. It's so hard to find time to yourself when you have a job, husband and kids. Linda has great tips to work in "me time" and not feel guilty that you are neglecting your other obligations. She also lets you know that it's ok to have set-backs. I would highly recommend Journey to Fitness to everyone, and I look forward to more stories of success from Linda.

Jennifer Calabro
DNB Financial Services
Investment Consultant


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I loved it as it is so doable (if only we would do it). I really liked the time when Suzanne wrote that she had many other things she should/could be doing, but decided to join her boys outside for some fun together (and exercise to boot). Also, I enjoyed how it became a family event — her husband's interest and support, and her boys running with her. She has raised wonderful caring children — her son waited for her so they could cross the finish line together. 

Joan Martin
Creative Memories
Independent Consultant


I have finally finished reading your book. It should definitely be an inspiration for any current or future clients. I can't imagine having a personal trainer who would offer more support and enthusiasm than you. It is obvious that you have a sincere and dedicated interest in watching your clients achieve their goals. Your approach to fitness and well being makes so much sense — incorporate healthy habits that just become part of a routine — no fancy fad diets! It is definitely the way to succeed, as Suzanne has proven. I know you will have many more stories that mirror Suzanne's — Congratulations!!

Michele B.

p.s. Your golfing buddies are all fortunate to be around you — we get to see your enthusiasm on a weekly basis!


I judge a book by whether it makes me laugh out loud or tear up. I did both. Particularly in May, when Suzanne accomplished something for the first time (you must read the book to find out what), I could not help but share her joy. At that point, her journey, with Linda's skillful guidance, went well beyond physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

As you read, remember that the characters are real people; a family complete with dog, and a personal trainer who quietly impacts all of their lives. I know Linda, and can tell you that, for her, it is about what her clients accomplish, not about what she accomplishes. That is evident in the book. Enjoy the book for the success story that it is. Then ask yourself, "why not me?" If it makes you think about your own situation or perhaps someone you love, then Linda has achieved her goal.

They have written something very special here, and many people will be better because of it. I will be getting extra copies to share with people close to me who also need to work on a healthy lifestyle.

Paula Paisley
The Women's Referral Network of Chester County


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I highly recommend reading Linda's book, Journey to Fitness — Chronicles of a Working Woman. It's a quick read, and it will inspire and motivate you! By reading this personal account, you will see that getting fit DOES NOT have to mean drudgery in a gym. What it takes is a PLAN and a DECISION to do it and STICK TO IT! The "HOW TO" is described by Linda as she guides her client to achieve her personal health and fitness goals. We ALL have the POWER to transform our lives, but sometimes it's hard to see. Get a copy of Linda's book and FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

All the best to you Linda — many wishes for great success with your book!

Nancy Cotter
Personal Credit Coach
A+ Credit Consultants Ltd.


Believe it or not.....................Susan and I are in Chester County Hospital, she is in labor.................AND IS READING YOUR BOOK!!! How's that for a testimonial !!!

Jill D.


This book isn't all about telling you exactly what to eat, or what step-by-step exercises to do (though it does offer a lot of great tips). It's about motivation, inspiration, and demonstrating how one real person made realistic lifestyle changes that changed her overall weight, health and self-confidence. Through the use of dialogue and journal entries, you feel like you're there for the six months that Linda guided Suzanne and cheered for her on her Journey to Fitness. Really different!

Cheryl Wilder Krass
Equalibrium VA Services


It really helped to read the book during my cruise as it reminded me of some of the basics you've taught me...
  - get moving, doing whatever you enjoy
  - eat only when you're hungry
  - drink lots of water
  - keep track of what you eat, when and why
As a result, I visited the gym daily, walked a lot both on the ship and on our excursions and tried to limit how much and how often I ate. I still had a wonderful time and could also fit in my clothes at the end of the cruise!
So, it really did help. 

Nancy Moshel Morris


Even more admirable than Linda’s fitness knowledge and experience is her ability to find creative ways to keep Suzanne motivated and on track. Her constant support and positive reinforcement really inspired Suzanne on her path to success. She’s lucky to have Linda not only as her personal trainer, but also as her friend. Great job!

Stacey Close
Group Fitness Coordinator
Jennersville YMCA


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Impressive! With Linda as her personal guide and cheerleader, Suzanne lost the weight, and incorporated fitness into her lifestyle, creating better overall life balance. Linda empowered Suzanne to overachieve her early expectations and persevere. Linda is truly extraordinary and genuine!

Patrick Maull
Assistant Manager
Kirkwood Fitness and Racquetball Clubs


Inspirational! My husband and I have been walkers for years, but after reading Suzanne’s story, I decided to mix things up a bit and pulled out my cross-country skier to work out when the weather doesn't cooperate. Now I'm even taking a yoga class, which is something I have always wanted to try. Thank you for the motivation!

Bonnie Myhrum
Professional Secretary LLC


Linda, what a great job you did in working with Suzanne who I know for a fact is a busy working mom! Sometimes I think I need a force in my life such as you to keep me focused! Suzanne never wavered in her dedication to you and her goals which was so evident from the close relationship you described in your book.

I have three boys also and I have been a "gym rat" for 27 yrs. I work hard and make sure to cross train to incorporate every aspect of fitness but I just love how you incorporated Suzanne's life with her boys and used fitness to give them quality time together; great idea!

I read the book cover to cover in no time and realized that we women do try to do it all and sometimes forget to do for ourselves and you and Suzanne showed us how it can be done! Great job and congratulations!

Miriam S. Cash
Equilibrium Design and Consulting


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